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Kindermusik of the Redwoods creates and runs innovative music and movement curricula that nurture the cognitive, emotional, language, social, physical, and musical development of children and involve families in the joy of their children's musical learning.

For more than 4 years, Kindermusik of the Redwoods has continued to grow and expand it's offerings in order to reach a steadily growing population of children and families in Marin. We are today the leading early childhood musical education program in Marin County. The results are programs and musical products of unparalleled quality under a brand that parents know and trust as the leader in early childhood music and movement education.

Kindermusik is a very unique program combining all the aspects of music together to form an amazing musical appreciation experience. We meet once a week for about 45 minutes. During class we sing, listen, read, dance and play instruments. The curriculum combines music of many genres and styles, including folk, jazz, international, orchestral, vocal, and opera. We also recite nursery rhymes to emphasize the continuous steady beat. Children learn concepts such as steady beat, rhythm, pitch, lento and presto, piano and forte, high and low, staccato and legato as well as many others. Through structured play the end result is quite amazing. You can look on Kindermusik International's website to find out more information.

Music introduced to children at a young age has been proven to develop mathematical skills as well as increasing the size of the brain. You can read more about all the benefits in a study by Sam Houston State University. Lastly, it is a ton of fun for both your child, and the child inside of you.

Take a moment - visit our classes and view our products on this site. You can enroll your children online in one of our classes, visit our online musical product store and read our bi-monthly newsletters. Please browse our web site and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have.

Lara Bisserier, August 2002